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We’re Back!

We’re Back!

We’re back with a new-ish looking website, and we hope that it meets with your approval!

Streamlining is the order of the day on the new Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts website, as you’ll notice by the menu – just seven items (including the page you were on) with everything rolling from those few pages.

Our escorts now have a portfolio page complete with filters, so it’s never been easier to find the right girl in a matter of minutes. Each escorts own page now comes with it’s own built-in gallery, saving acres of space while still showing the girls in all their glory.

A slightly new layout for our ‘areas’ pages and the news pages comes next, with a full linking system to the next and previous items.

We’ve intentionally left the search box in the corner, as our new system is astounding!

We hope you like what you see, and feel free to comment either live on site, or by email.

Happy Looking Bookings!


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Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts

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