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Nottingham Escorts by the Midlands Maidens escort agency
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Booking Nottingham Escorts
Booking Nottingham Escorts
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Nottingham Escorts

A Brief History of Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts Agency was founded back in 2006, with the intention of being the sole 24hrs escort agency in Nottingham. Since then it has been a pleasure dealing with our beautiful Nottingham escorts and our beautiful clients alike :). Their clients in the East Midlands would no doubt agree.

It soon became clear that our clients would not tolerate a poor time. The services and companionship offers from various escorts was lacking. Enter the Midlands Maidens Experience – the first offer of it’s kind. This started in Nottingham. Derby, Leicester, and anywhere else that our ladies ran their services soon followed. This guaranteed that each escort would enjoy the service as much as the clients would relish it.

We set about creating a minimal agency fee. This gave any escort working for us in the city of Nottingham a better offer than if she worked as an independent. We created our world-famous ‘all inclusive’ package. The price quoted to you was the price you paid. We also made sure that no riff-raff got onto our Nottingham staff list!

Unique Promotions and Freebies
We set up new and unheard of promotions, not least of which the seventh heaven promo, whereby any appointment to meet one of our elite Nottingham escorts would receive a free hour offer on their seventh meeting. This is now embedded on our app, so remember to have it nearby when you make a booking with a Nottingham escort!

Nottingham escorts interview locations

A typical meet-up location for a Midlands Maidens interview

Interview Techniques
We have just about perfected our interview process for taking on new Nottingham escorts, as can be seen in various posts on our NEWS PAGES.

There still seem to be many Nottingham girls that presume all you need for this job is an arse and a fanny, when in fact it’s the girl’s beauty and compassion that wins a client over. Also, a basic command of English seems to go down well! In the majority of cases, it’s all down to the use (or non-use) of these assets, and how she composes herself for the social apres-event companionship as to which clients will book her.

Any hot Nottingham escort, no matter how beautiful, that doesn’t have the ability to have a modicum of throw-away chatting available on tap, freely given and enjoyed, will no doubt fail our interview process, as many hopeful Nottingham escorts will testify.

The city is full of failed Nottingham girls and for a very good reason!

Many clients will be encountering a new payment system when coming over to Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts – our ALL INCLUSIVE system.

So what exactly is an ‘all inclusive’ system?

This is a system that we have used since day-one of us operating, and one which separates us from all the other independent and agency girls.

The majority of girls working independently, or at other providers, will throw any figure at you to tempt you in.

What they DON’T tell you however is the prices for ‘extras’ that the girls have a price list for.

Price lists for transport and girls’ own personal services are rife in this industry, and who really is going to believe that the girl who turns up at your door – cab fare receipt in hand for you to pay – and then charging £20 for GFE would really want to kiss you unless she was getting paid to do it?

At Midlands Maidens we do away with all of that, and we can proudly say that there will be no bartering on your own time.

All prices for local bookings at Midlands Maidens are all fully inclusive of any transport costs, and services that the girl has indicated she enjoys on her profile page.

The one exception to this is for ‘out of town’ appointments, which have a full list of additions on our PRICING/RATES page, which you can view so that you don’t get a nasty bill on your appointment!

Yep, we know that other providers take them on, but one thing that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts need to watch out for, is any form of plastic surgery or botox treatment.

Ok, we can understand a girl wanting a little ‘enhancement’ here and there, and we have indeed taken on girls that have had plastic breasts to enhance their ‘beauty’, but turning from a 32B cup to a 34FF cup is just plain daft, and the majority of clients know straight away if they’re going to be fondling a juice-bag.

Plastic breasted girls WILL be allowed on if all the other criteria are met. They will then marked as ‘enhanced’ on the website so that you have a free choice.

Botox Barmyness
There is no excuse for the botox thing though – in all fairness on our ‘Escorts Locations’ pages, it DOES state that:

All girls working as (add location here) Escorts with Midlands Maidens are NOT photo-shopped in any way except for the occasional facial blur for anonymity purposes

It does NOT say though, that

Facial blurs have been added to this girl because she’s an ugly fukker and botox treatments have made it so that she wouldn’t get any bookings if we showed her full face.

Rest assured that no ‘botox enhanced that has turned you into Elephant Man with Mick Jagger lips’ types of girl will ever work at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts.

Nottingham escorts botox fail

Botox enhanced that has turned you into Elephant Man with Mick Jagger lips

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are proud to say that ever since we’ve been running as an escort agency in Nottingham, no girl working at Midlands Maidens has ever received a poor report.

To keep our squeaky clean record running, we promise you the following:

During your initial chat with the office, we will continually listen to your needs and wants from your Nottingham escort, and try to place correctly the right escorts in Nottingham for you at your home or your hotel.

If we haven’t got your ideal girl working at the moment, we’d prefer to tell you this rather than send a sub-standard girl over, as sub-standard girls are in plentiful supply from other providers.

We do not believe in just letting you know ‘who is available’, as this might not be your ideal match. This has all proven to be a great asset, as it has become essential that the correct escort visits the correct client.

Many Nottingham girls coming into this industry are out for grabbing a ‘quick buck’ at any cost. Try using one of the well-worn and less reliable providers or directories for proof if needed.

When you’ve ‘done your wad’ and got no value, come over to Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts for the finest quality bar none!

The original concept for Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts came about completely by chance.

Back in the days before agencies needed a website, a young fledgling called Steve was driving a few of the girls around from the ABC agency, who back then were one of the few agencies that DID have a website.

Many of the girls were complaining about the agency fees though, and it came to a head when one of Steve’s customers was charged nearly 60% of her earnings for an incall, which when added to the driving fees meant that she came out with a pittance.

With the help of a local internet cafe, Steve began to research web design, and after a year or so of trial and error, and finding out what worked and what didn’t work, we chose Midlands Maidens as the name (as it sounded cool) and we were ready to go live with five of the disgruntled girls from ABC.

Photo shoots were arranged with a photographer from Leicester who to this day made some of the best images we’ve ever seen. The problem with this though, was that he wanted ‘payment in kind’ which made it impossible to use him on a regular basis.

Moving our photography location over to Birmingham, we found someone else who did the photos for free, who we stayed with for years as the price was most definitely right!

We set the new agency fees up, and even the girls needed to take a deep breath on how cheap these were! Our reasoning was that it was the girls that did the work, so it should be the girls who got the lion’s share.

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts finally went live in 2006 with Steve as the designer/general dogsbody, and those original five girls.

The rest as they say is history!


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Lovely way to spend an afternoon - thanks Angelina!  

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Nottingham Escorts Disclaimer

Please Note

Whilst all the girls on this front page are absolutely stunning, in actual fact they are just fulfilling our design standards in their professional positioning and posing.

Other than that, we make no claim whatsoever that any of these girls are connected with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts in any way, shape or form.

To view our GENUINE escorts, please click the ‘Escorts’ tab from the main menu or follow this link.

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