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The Suggestions Page

Is there a feature that you’re missing on this website?

Time for your voice to be heard!

If you have any ideas on new features, blog post content, or even some new tottie that you’d like to see 🙂 ‘leave a reply’ in our comment box below.

If one of your ideas is chosen, we will give you full credit in the post or item.

Just a couple of things:

  1. MAKE SURE you tick the ‘I’m not a spammer’ box AS WELL AS the Google Recaptcha (that should keep out the spammers from Ukrania)
  2. Just in case there ARE spammers trying to sell shoes and sunglasses, all ideas need to be moderated

Other than that, you can become a suggestions star with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts!


This Post Has 27 Comments
    1. Thanks for the info, SWL Photographic.
      We’ve added a replacement now where the slave gets tortured THREE times instead of once, as it seems that Spankbang have had their videos of Ella removed.

  1. Still buzzin after last night super girl! Tryed most agencies and some indys but they all lie to you and dont do anything specially if thyre from *** (edited, Admin). Do I get my bookings for £150 now then? Thanks for the girl – John.

    1. Hi John,

      Yes, we feel your pain when using amateurs, and busty blondes with a 30in bust size wearing chicken fillets in their bra, who are ALL the blonde girls on the agency, and we trust that we have restored your faith in using professional agencies.

      In answer to your question – as you are now deemed a regular client, you will indeed get your appointment at regular client rates – ie £150 first hour, £100 subsequent hours, 24/7.

        1. Ah, the impossible Samsungs!

          No problem though, you’ve probably just got the notifications turned off without even realising it.

          Open your Samsung Internet browser to our homepage, then click on the three dots at the top right.

          Go to Settings>> Advanced>> and you should find an option called ‘Website Notifications’ towards the bottom.

          Turn these ‘ON’ and after a refresh, you should see the notifications.

  2. Not surprised really that the VIP cronies just phoned up, saying that their girls are only £140. Seeing as the VIP girls can’t speak a word of English, and given the fact that we already refused 75% of their girls a job with Midlands Maidens, we think that they’re rather jealous that the upcoming £200 fees could never be carried off with any conviction by one of their staff!

      1. LOL thought you’d like that one, Nick. Been watching our comments box ever since we mentioned it to you!
        Oh, and the girl is on her way!

  3. Hi midlands maidens rly liking the new look and the girls on the front page!
    Why dont you use a few of ur own girls though?
    When do you send newsletter out?

    1. Hi Nick,
      Yes, the new look has been a great success so far and most people seem to prefer it to a load of waffle on the front page!

      The girls on the front page backgrounds were taken from various photos found on the interwebs, and were chosen because of their positioning in the pictures. We’ll look into putting a few of our own girls on there, but you might start a fight as to who gets on 🙂

      The Newsletter will be sent out every Sunday, so watch your inbox between then and Monday mornings!

  4. Hello i’ve been looking to join you for a while now but how do i get photos over as I cant get the joining form to work?

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for dropping by.
      Yeah, I think we got just the thing for you – keep an eye on the Music Box either tonight or tomorrow.

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