Triple Whammy Nottingham Escorts Promo


With a triple whammy of celebrations looming, we thought we’d share the love with a couple of our renowned Nottingham Escorts offers and promotions!

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are TEN YEARS OLD next year, which is a landmark rarely achieved in this industry. During that time, we have seen agencies come, go, close down, change names, and duplicate themselves with new aliases, (these last two a sure sign that they are in dire straits), but Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts keeps going strong!

In all that time, we have never had a negative review – mainly due to our ethics in providing a premium service, and with the ten-year anniversary coming up, we were always going to be running one of our unique promotions!

We’ve decided that we’re going to tie the Christmas, New Year and Ten Years Trading celebrations into one big announcement, and readers of this blog will get first refusal BEFORE it is announced on the main website!

Firstly = as a mark of it being our tenth year, we are reducing the first hour price for all bookings by ten pounds – making it an even better all-inclusive package of £150 for the first hour and £100 for subsequent hours.

The new Promo will be the game changer though.

For those that think £160 (or as from now £150) is a little too pricey for an all inclusive hourly rate, we are introducing:


This is an offer in the form of a ‘cum-once service’ and is aimed at those clients that are in a rush, or just don’t need a full all-inclusive hourly service.

You will be able to choose ONE of the services OWO, Oral Covered, or full-on wham bam thank you ma’am (protected of course), and the charge will be £120.

This is NOT an hourly rate appointment, it is strictly a ‘cum-once service’.

A-levels is NOT included in this offer.

If you wanted to upgrade to an all-inclusive hour, this must be requested within 5 minutes of the girl arriving.

Any request to extend a single service appointment ‘after the event’ will only be accepted as a new booking at full rates.

A Single Service appointment must be requested at the time of booking.

A Single Service appointment is for ONE-ON-ONE appointments ONLY.

This offer is STRICTLY Outcalls only within TEN miles of the girl’s present location.

So why have we gone down this route?

Recently, we have been told by lots of clients that the girl that turned up from another agency

‘fucked off as soon as she was able to’,

‘she said I couldn’t cum more than once, it’s against the rules’,

‘she charged me for an hour and left after ten minutes’, etc etc.

We’ve always been against this ‘enforced quickie’ practice, mainly because it’s imposed on the client regardless even though he paid for a full hour, because the girl doesn’t give a fuck about customer service anyway.

However, we DO realise that there may be certain clients that only really want a ‘quickie’ and haven’t got the time to relax in the splendour of an all-inclusive hourly service.

The Single Service Offer is aimed at this last type of client, who we trust will be impressed by our open-ness in not trying to hide the fact that this service is a ‘cum-once’ service.

That’s the basics, and it will be tidied up and beautifully presented when it goes live on the website, so get in there first and sample it before it’s presented to the masses!

Happy Bookings!



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