Selfie Phenomenon

The Selfie Phenomenon


After the influx of recent new Maidenettes at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, and with all of them working from ‘selfie’ shots, it’s given us something to think about regarding future shoots.

The number of enquiries we have received this past week has increased tenfold, so the new girls were sent out on a double mission – the first objective was the obvious – but the second mission was to carry out a little market research as to how it came about that each girl was selected.

Obviously, the fact that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are a 24 hour agency was a huge factor as always, but a huge proportion of those answering cited the photos as one main reason as to why each individual girl was chosen.

It has become apparent that clients have twigged on to the fact that these amazing looking visions of perfection with flawless skin and perfect teeth in exclusive studio apartments furnished with Harrods four-poster beds have been manipulated to fuck, and its actually the woman from the chip shop who turns up. Which is hardly surprising, as it beggars belief how some of these agencies, especially the London ones, have got away for so long by sending girls over who bear scant likeness to their photos.

It was cited as ‘a breath of fresh air‘ by one of our clients ‘to find an agency that posts real photos of their girls‘.

Well who are we to argue with that?

We have always maintained that it should be the girl herself, and not the prowess of the photo manipulator that attracts the client, and this has also been a major factor in why independent escorts have been doing so well of late, at the expense of the agencies, purely because the indies tend to post selfies instead of photo-babble.

It is also probably why so many girls have left agencies – we’ve lost count of the amount of times that an applicant has turned up saying that it was embarrasing how often she was turned away for not looking like her pictures.

Ironically, we can see the art of photo manipulation being the death of professional photographers as we know it – unless of course these professional photographers can up their game in their photoshop techniques. An obviously heavily airbrushed cartoon cutout doesn’t swing it any more – people are on to you – its time to get real!



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