Druggie in Nottingham

Sex n Drugs n Rock n’ Roll Escorts


We have no problem with the ‘sex’ part:

We have no problem with the ‘Rock n’ Roll’ part:

But the ‘Drugs’ part is another issue entirely!

It is widely assumed that escorts, by the very nature of their profession, have access to copious amounts of illegal chemical substances. Indeed, 90% of our job applicants eventually have to admit that they are in this job to feed a habit – which is why those 90% are invariably refused a position.

Believe it or not, the image at the top of this post is fairly typical of some of the nightmare cases that we turn down, week in, week out, who then go on to work elsewhere!

At Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, we frown heavily on escorting to fuel a drugs habit, one of the main reasons being that the girl has other addictive targets to meet than just her career-wise ones.

This being the case, we would like to remind clients that if they wanted a drugs delivery, then call your own dealer, who no doubt will also be able to advise you on where to go if he cannot fulfil a delivery at the present time.

We have no problems with clients that use drugs.

That’s up to them.

But we do have an issue with clients that expect us to be a drugs courier service, purely because they’ve probably gotten away with it before whereby a crack-whore brings along a supply and gives them a free gangbang because by now she’s well out of it.

We would respectfully suggest to those clients falling into the latter category, that they cruise the red light district for an hour to get it out of their system first, then give us a call when they wanted to upgrade to a little higher class of entertainment!



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