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A combination of us starting to publish our new Maidenette selfie photos, and various customer comments regarding the integrity of images on other websites, has led us to write this brief, but hopefully helpful blog post.

At Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, we will only ever use genuine photos either from a professional shoot, or from the girl herself (selfies) to portray the excellence of our staff. This, coupled with the fact that our rejected applicants are swarming all over the other local agencies, vindicates our reasoning to charge a slightly higher price, knowing that it is all inclusive and you will not get stumped with a hidden charge that has been ‘lost in translation’ due to there being no prior contact with the girl before she turns up.

The main point of this post though focuses on the girl herself. We’ve all seen these ‘photos’ of leggy blondes in Monte Carlo that look not too dissimilar from Thunderbirds puppets, that are supposedly working as Nottingham escorts. The dumpy small cart-horses with chicken fillets stuffed in their brassieres that eventually turn up would quite rightly make you feel just a tad ripped off, and in the interests of making sure that you don’t fall for this dubious practice, we’ve got a couple of research tools for you to play with.

GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH is a nice little tool whereby you ‘right click’ on any image and use the option – ‘search Google with this image’ (on Chrome) or ‘Google this image’ (on Firefox). A new window will open up and if the image has no matches – or if the matches are from the website that you’re checking from, then it’s a fair bet that the photos are genuine. If you find a load of matches from Russian modelling sites, Hawaiian massage parlours etc, then you just KNOW it’s a scam and avoid like the plague!

Download GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH extension for Chrome

Download GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH extension for Firefox

TINEYE is another image search tool whereby you ‘right click’ on any image and use the option – ‘Search image on Tineye’ for both Chrom and Firefox. The principle is the same as above whereby no matches, or only matches from the website that you’re checking from is a good sign.

Download TINEYE extension for Chrome

Download TINEYE extension for Firefox

At the time of writing, there is no real comparable mobile version of the above extensions, though there are ‘dumbed down’ efforts on both the Apple and Android stores that might serve you well.

Of course there is also the scenario where a girl will be sent out under the banner of an ex-staff member’s photos, in which case you will be turned over despite all of your research. Mind you, you will have maybe saved yourself twenty quid – if you don’t get hit for extras too – so it’s not all bad!

We hope that with the above tools you can weed out the fakes from the fabulous, and we trust that you enjoyed this public service announcement c/o Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts!

Happy Bookings!


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