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Search Those Nottingham Escorts Images Pt2


A few weeks back, we posted about how important it is that clients use either Google Reverse Image Search, or Tineye on all agency and independent girls’ photos, to ensure that they aren’t being fed a pack of lies.

Something happened today at Midlands Maidens nottingham Escorts HQ that reinforces this one-hundred-fold.

Any agency worth their salt will use the above image search tools on a daily basis, as a matter of course, to sift out any potetial utter lying scavving twats.

Hey, some agencies will go as far as to let them through! But to our mind – if an applicant is going to lie on their application, then we are not going to even remotely consider letting them loose on our client base.

With the above in mind, consider the following:

An application is received, with a contact number and photo, saying that they wanted to work for Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts.

Opening the photo, we see:


Running this through an image search, we find many results, with the full and uncropped photo:


This is from an article in The Daily Mail featuring an Instagram photo of Jessica Wright from TOWIE.

Now if a girl from TOWIE had genuinely phoned up for a job, we would have told her to fuck off anyway and go and get your next boob job fees by working in Tesco. So someone merely PRETENDING to be a girl from TOWIE – besides needing a life – has got NO chance!

Guys – we don’t suppose for one minute that this is an isolated case, and even more than ever it is ESSENTIAL that you CHECK THOSE IMAGES before booking to prevent you being ripped off!

Check out:

Google Image Search Tool

Tineye Image Search Tool





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