10 years of the best Nottingham Escorts!

Providing Escorts in Nottingham For 10 Years


We are celebrating ten years of providing the very best escorts in Nottingham,

Yes, it really is ten years since Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts opened it’s doors for business!

…And it don’t seem a day too long…

Ten years since six of us got together and decided to run an escort agency how it SHOULD be run – by charging the lowest agency fees in the UK BAR NONE, and giving our clients the best possible experience possible – by sending an appropriate girl, and not one who just happens to be next on the rota.

Ten years since we made our humble beginnings on ‘EscortSite’ and one of the girls popped out to get any random sim card so that we could advertise a contact number.

During that time, we’ve outlived and outstayed most of the other local agencies – ABC, Harveys, Escorts Nottingham, and now only Feline remains. Note that we’re only counting genuine agencies here, and not those ramshackle outfits that are run by failed escorts who need to rebrand every month or so because they made another major fuck-up.

Our proudest achievement would have to be that we have NEVER had a negative review – one overwhelming reason why Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts has stood the test of time!

Another major reason for continually providing excellence is our point-blank refusal to work with unsuitable girls. Many have tried, and a few of those might even have got past the phone interview stage, but in the main, we can ensure that no unsuitable girls, or failed escorts from other agencies have ever been taken on and been given a booking.

We look forward to providing our unique ‘Midlands Maidens Experience‘ to all our clients for the next ten years, and to all of those that have supported us – we hope we did good!

Happy Bookings!


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