Out With the Old

Out With the Old…


…and in with the new!

In one final flurry before the end of 2015, we had a few interviews arranged on New Years Eve afternoon.

With quite a lot to get through in this first blog post of the year, which is doubling up as the final blog events of last year, we’ll just concentrate on the two successful applicants.

A real blast from the past as regards the interview location – we ended up at The SixHills Hotel on the A46 in Leicestershire, where we spent many happy hours when Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts first started up, ten years ago.

SixHills Hotel

Trixie is a 26yrs old 6’0″ size 10 English black girl from Leicester. We have always been pleased with the class of black girls from this area – think Morgan, Hannah and Elenor from our early days – and Trixie proved to be no exception. Very approachable and likeable, Trixie provided a near perfect showing of herself, and we had no problem with inviting her to join us in the New Year.

SixHills Hotel

Janine is a 27yrs old 5’8″ size 10 34D English busty blonde girl from South Notts. An outrageous flirt and exhibitionist, she was probably the one girl in the past year that had us right on edge with her antics, but very cleverly made it all look totally innocent to anyone else that might have been trying to grab a cheeky eyeful! Without a doubt the most extreme interview of the year, and a certainty to be offered a position at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts!


We have now received a selection of selfies from Trixie, and a huge wad of selfies/photos depicting the adventures of Janine, all of which should be online shortly after this post is live.


It is with regret that we are saying goodbye to three Maidens.

Miranda joined us a couple of months ago but has found it hard going and is now having second thoughts about the industry. We have given her full leave to ask to come back if she wants, but for now it is farewell.

Similarly, Josie is finding it hard going with having to commute to Nottingham for the majority of her appointments. Again we have given her full leave to return if she can get some permanent transport sorted out.

Mandy is one of our longest serving Maidens, and it is with great regret that we will be saying goodbye to her within the next week or so. We have known for a while that she was looking for a more musically oriented job, and we are pleased that she has now landed a plum position within the industry. Good luck Mandy, and we await our complimentary tickets!

Finally, Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts would like to wish all of the Maidens and our clients a Happy and Prosperous New Year, and many Happy Bookings!


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