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Nottingham Escorts Interviews 27th October

For the second day of our interview marathon, we set up shop at The Gateway, one of our favourite locations in Nottingham. Another three applicants were due today, and we were hoping for more of the same after yesterday’s successful day.

Interview 1:
22yrs old
Romanian brunette, 5’3″, size 6, 32C

After yesterday’s episode with the Derby EE girls, our hopes were not high for today’s first applicant. We couldn’t have been more wrong! Miranda was quite bubbly, and the only thing that reminded us of an EE connection was her accent. Her English was very good, and we have high hopes that we could well have an Eastern European girl that breaks the mould of the cold and calculating norm! Sounding genuinely thrilled when we rang to confirm her successful position, we look forward to working with her.


At this point, Angelina had to shoot off on a booking, but as the next applicant was already working in the industry, and would be aware of things like ‘services’ and availability questions, it was decided that we would carry on as normal.

Before we continue with the interview news, we’ve just touched onto a very valid point. We expect a halfway decent phone manner on the initial application. We expect a decent showing at the interview itself. For those girls that are successful, a third factor comes into play – the phone manner on the acceptance call. With that in mind, we’ll carry on with the next applicant:

Interview 2:
20yrs old
English brunette, 5’2″, size 6, 32C

Holly was already working with a local agency, but said that she wanted a change due to ‘personal reasons’. A really nice blonde-turned-brunette girl, she began to stumble on what should have been the easiest part for someone already working – the services. Not fully knowing what GFE or A-Levels were, she then seemed surprised that we didn’t force our staff to do OWO as ‘everywhere else says you MUST do it’. Not convinced, Holly was told that she would get a call within the hour.

Interview 3:
21yrs old
English brunette, 5’4″, size 6, 32C

Tanya was a little late but this gave Angelina time to get settled back in, so she was forgiven. Tanya had just moved to Nottingham from Manchester, where she had dabbled with massage, but had now decided that she wanted to give escorting a go. We are not the greatest fans of ex massage workers, as in the main they haven’t got a clue when it comes to a more exhaustive service. Explaining that where she worked, it was more like an escorting service anyway, and that she had an excellent array of ‘services’, we decided that maybe there is after all, a difference between massage parlours in different parts of the country, and We phoned her up shortly after with an offer to join us.

So once again, two new staff members! But what about Holly? Let’s get back to Holly’s courtesy call:

Call one – answered and hung up straight away.

Call two – declined call after one ring.

Call three – answered phone with ‘Yo!’

There was no call four.

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts will not work with idiots, and we are quite sure that a client on his phone call from the girl will feel the same. We wish Holly all the best with her personal differences.




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