Nottingham Escorts interviews

Nottingham Escorts Interviews 23 November


Another leg of interviews today in Nottingham provided us with another provisionally successful applicant, making Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts now the leading agency in terms of staff numbers as well as excellence in the Nottingham area!

We’re still waiting on Megan’s selfie submissions from a couple of weeks back, but including today’s successful applicant, we are now able to boast fourteen genuine girls with real pictures (professionally taken or selfies), which puts us on a staff level that equals our highest ever total – previously achieved in November 2006, and it’s nice that we will be able to celebrate our 10 year anniversary next year on this high!

Here’s the only report worth mentioning today, conveniently sidestepping the two usual waste-of-time-and-breath EE girls:

The Gateway

Christine was in the fortunate position of following two inherently cold, boring EE girls, complete with a selective understanding of English – ie when it suited them. When will these girls realise that just because they’re attractive (which we cannot deny), they are all fucking boring and cold self-centred frigid slappers that clients don’t even want to pay a tenner for?

Christine, a 26 years old English brunette girl was next up, and bounced into the interview like a breath of fresh air!

A wonderful conversationalist, both risque and straight, her infectious giggling had us cracking up for most of the time. This is exactly what clients want – to be put at ease by someone who who has a rare natural talent of giving a good time in any scenario.

Quite petite at 5’4″ tall, Christine is a dress size 6-8 with a 32D bust – oh, and she wears glasses!

We took the rare step of asking for any suitable selfie shot that she might have there and then, as we knew what the probable outcome of our apres interview discussion would be.

Sure enough 30 minutes later, Christine received a call offering her a position at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, which we are pleased to announce she accepted!

This is the selfie shot she gave us at the interview – more will follow when her profile page is ready:

We expect at least a further two posts to go up this week, so keep watching the website!

Happy Bookings!



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