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Nottingham Escorts – Black Ones


Before we start, we make no apologies for our insights, or the insights of our clients regarding this issue.

Not even the title of the post – because if it had said ‘white ones’, no-one would blink an eyelid.

One thing we will NEVER do though, is to pander down to ‘politically correct’ statements to appease any given clique, as that in itself – the fact that we treat one section differently from another – would be termed as racist.

So yes, Nottingham Escorts – Black Ones.

This issue stems from a call we received yesterday at HQ from a prospective applicant. As the conversation progressed, it was plainly obvious that she was already working at a rival agency and just going for a wind-up, which is why it was treated as such, and we had no intention of passing her number over for a formal phone interview.

Her story went along the lines of that she was a nurse in Birmingham, but wanted to come and stay at our incall premises for three days a week. A little like another local agency works it – even though this arrangement is highly illegal and runs the risk of prosecution should they be found out.

After we’d had our bit of fun regarding her defence of other local agencies, which of course she WOULD know, being from Birmingham,(LOL) she threw in the comment that she was black, which had no effect whatsoever on the conversation – she could have been yellow, blue, or polka-dot – it would have made no difference to the fact that she had been sussed out.

This morning, we received the following message via WhatsApp:


Which we replied to:


And we firmly stand by the fact that SOME black applicants will always play the ‘race’ card as a retort for not being accepted.

Which is funny really – as no failed WHITE applicant accuses us of being racist if we turn a WHITE girl down.

The point is this – and this is NOT a racist comment, it is a FACTUAL comment – passed onto us by clients. And let’s face it, clients are those who pay the girls’ wages.

Back in the day when we had a couple of black girls working for us, 99% (literally!!!) of clients wanted to see a white girl. Which led to the black girls leaving of their own accord due to there being no work for them.

Not because they were black.

Because there was no work for them.

When we announced who was working to clients, invariably they would say that they didn’t want to see a black girl. (Or a Thai girl or an EE girl for that matter!) They would then go on to say that they didn’t like the way that black girls had ‘an attitude’ or a ‘hidden agenda’.

They would also say that Thai girls didn’t perform many basic services.

And they would say that EE girls were ‘cold’.

The ‘applicant’ from above is proof positive of the general opinion of clients towards black girls, in that their attitude stinks and they have hidden agendas.

This of course does NOT apply to ALL black girls – but when a client is faced with shelling out a three-figure fee, he is going to play safe and avoid any chance of blowing his wad on a niche that has, entirely through the fault of the likes of the above, got itself a poor reputation.

Funny how Thai girls and EE girls don’t play the ‘race’ card?

And this is the problem – black girls are their own worst enemy.

We have had a couple of wonderful black girls working for us in the past, that were getting no work purely because of being tarred with the same brush as that type of black girl from above, who has a shit attitude and then plays the ‘race’ card to try and justify her actions.

Clients do not want, and will not pay, for poor service – OR bad attitude.

It is NOT a race thing – it is pure facts.

We actually find it VERY racist of black girls that would suggest otherwise!

Do your job properly, ditch the attitude, and stop fucking about.

Which is what we say to ALL girls that need a kick up the arse, EVEN WHITE ONES!

To all the GENUINE black girls working as escorts out there – we love working with you, and we’ve enjoyed making your acquaintance.

To all the idiots that think the world owes them a free meal – sorry, but you’ve been sussed out, and you are ruining it for the genuine workers. Best to fuck off out of it now and get a job at Tescos!

And that goes for ALL girls, white, red, yellow, polka-dot AND black ones!



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