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Sleepovers And Overnights

Sleepovers and Overnights

Sleepovers and Overnights

Sleepovers and all-nighters -we were just running through our search terms again this morning when the term ‘all nighter’ appeared, with no results, hence a cats video – hence a quick news item that will explain all of this to those users that cannot be bothered to check out the ‘pricing‘ page.

All Maidens would be pleased to accompany you on ‘All nighters’, ‘Overnights’, ‘Sleepovers‘, ‘extended appointments’ etc, provided that it fits in with their own arrangements – meaning that a request for such an appointment should ideally be made at least a day in advance so that the girl can make alternate arrangements at home.

These appointments can take the form of a Dinner Date, an 8 hour Overnight appointment, a 12 hour Overnight appointment, or a previously arranged ‘custom’ appointment, that the girl would be quite happy to accommodate you with.

Details regarding ‘extended appointments’ can also be viewed in each girl’s personal portfolio page, so we hope now that we’ve left no option unturned.

Another term, much easier to resolve, was that of ‘Mature’ – and we are presuming that these users were looking for ‘Mature Escorts’.

We only have one mature escort at present – our Thai girl in Mansfield, Mimi – but we have added a new category and a menu item to reflect this.

As always, we look forward to your continued custom,

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts


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