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Relationships And The Nottingham Escort Industry (3 Of 4)

Relationships and the Nottingham Escort Industry (3 of 4)

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When you go into something as diverse as the escort industry, probably the thing most at risk will be your relationship status.

Our heroine in the videos has already been told that ‘if you can’t handle one-night-stands then escorting is not for you’, which is probably a fairly accurate statement. However having a partner knowing what you do can cut down a lot of barriers, which we shall go into more in part four.

The ‘one-night-stand’ aspect should be taken liberally with a pinch of salt, for as all those girls with any kind of strong relationship will attest to, the ‘one-night-stand’ is not even that – it ends when the hotel door is closed.

In part three of the video, we see Alex being dragged into ever-more seedy locations which are nothing more than low-class massage parlours and brothels – a far cry from her initial thoughts when meeting up with Alexis in episode 2.

As a disclaimer here, we would like to point out that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts have nothing whatsoever to do with any of these locations’ practices, the likes of which may well come as a short sharp shock to any girl that is thinking of taking up a position as an escort.

Still with us after all that?

We’ll look forward to seeing you in part four.

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