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Midlands Maidens Secret Diary

Midlands Maidens Secret Diary

Well we promised it, and a few people following our Twitter feed have applied for it, and tonight the Midlands Maidens Secret Diary is being given a run out for testing.

Join the Midlands Maidens Secret Diary

What is the Midlands Maidens Secret Diary, and how can I join it? – we hear you say?

Well we can’t explain everything, or it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

But our diary will outline many of the news items which were previously in the category ‘Midlands Maidens Interviews’ and will cover things in fuller detail that we could hope to get away with in an open news section.

The Secret Diary will be a password protected news project so you will need to apply for a password.

There are only TWO pages that carry the password application form, and both of those are being promoted via our Twitter news feed, but to make it a little easier for you, the pages are HERE and HERE

For those of you wanting to join up and receive the ‘Goodies’, we can guarantee that the only emails you receive from us will be those containing passwords. We do not believe that you would want regular emails from an escort agency outlining who is available complete with photos as we understand that your married life could take a rather severe hit (and quite right too!) So you will get at most ONE email per month (when we change the passwords) to keep you in the loop.

We’ll be adding the first news item in the Secret Diary once we have added it to the top menu, which will only be after strict testing to make sure that all is secure.

We’re expecting our testing to be complete by late tomorrow, or Monday at the latest, so get your application forms over so that you can be in at the start of the new Midlands Maidens Secret Diary!



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