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Latest Stats And A New Menu

Latest Stats and a New Menu

Latest Stats and a New Menu

Well we look after you lot like a drunken father, don’t we?

After a quick glance at the latest stats, it became apparent that over 50% of website viewers were now using a mobile phone, so we decided to use one and see what all the fuss was about.

Sure the website looked (sort of) great, but there was excessive scrolling needed on the front page when using a mobile, so we’ve just finished up creating a new menu especially for mobile users (though pc and laptop users will no doubt find a use for it too).

At the top of the homepage, just under the tart getting her kit off, you will now find a ‘front page quick-nav’ – which at a click of a mouse button (or at the press of a link on a mobile), you can go whizzing round a few selected sections in an instant. We’ve been playing around with it for a couple of hours now before installing it, and we think that coupled with the ‘back to top’ button in the bottom corner, this new menu will enhance your Midlands Maidens experience no end!

And so onto the latest stats for this past couple of weeks.

All of the ‘escorts locations’ pages are taking a right hammering – the most popular of these being the ‘Nottingham‘ and ‘Mansfield‘ locations. Leading by a long stretch though is the dedicated ‘escorts’ page, and popping up more regularly than before is the ‘Join Us‘ page where we have added a new intuitive application form and the photo spread videos – so we’re guessing that there’ll be a deluge of applications coming in. We’ve already got plenty of content for the Secret Diary, which has had to take a back-seat whilst we do the interviews, so make sure that you join up today!

That’s about all for this one, and we’ll look forward to meeting you out on the road!


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