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Incall Rates For Idiots

Incall Rates for Idiots

We’ve deemed it neccessary to explain a little more about our policy on incall rates.

Our policy is plain for all to see on the main page of both web and mobile versions of the website, under ‘RATES>>INCALLS’, but it seems that some people develop ‘selective intelligence’ symptoms when it comes to them not being eligible to arrange an appointment.

So this short post is for those of limited, or selective intelligence.

If you are a regular client, that is you’ve used Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts before and placed a booking, you are eligible for 24 hour incall service at the specified rates.

We don’t normally have problems with regular clients.

If you are NOT a regular client, then you can only book an incall between 12 midday and 9pm, at the specified rates on the INCALL page, under ‘first time clients’.

NOT ‘regular clients’.

FIRST TIME clients.

Between midday and 9pm.

At the specified rates – for FIRST TIME clients.

We hope that’s cleared up that small point, and regular clients can rest assured that they won’t need to bother about bumping into purveyors of selective intelligence when visiting our incall premises!



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