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How NOT To Take A Photo

How NOT to Take a Photo

Recently, we filed a news item explaining how to save a photo for use on our application form. We’d like to expand on that now with a short tutorial on how NOT to take a photo.

How NOT to take a photo for your application

We’ve been inundated this last few weeks with photos containing SnapChat filters – you know, the filters that contain bunny rabbit ears, little black noses, and a multitude of other filter effects that make an absolute mockery of an application.

OK its a ‘girlie’ thing, we all know that – but if you were to apply for a job with Snapchat filters activated at the corner shop, or Tesco, or the Inland Revenue, your application would be dumped straight in the bin.

From now on, any hint of bunny ears, big wet noses, or princess tiara’s that come through to Midlands Maidens will meet with a similar fate – ie dumped unreservedly straight in the bin and the application will remain refused until you bloody grow up and stop playing with baby toys.

Moving on from that, we are also opening a new guarantee for clients, which should stop things going the other way as regards daft images.

Just this week, we had an application from a girl that sent professional photos over, where she looked very classy on marble staircases and in woodlands – just the sort of thing you’d expect from a girl in Nottingham.

We have an issue with this though, in that the girl is NOT the girl in the photos, and we insisted on a few ‘selfies’ being sent over, (that had been nowhere near Snapchat).

The girl had now turned from a woman with perfect complexion on marble staircases and in woodland glades into a grandma – type girl in a scruffy flat, wearing twangers that didn’t quite fit properly and a tattoo on her arm.

This is again a mockery using images that fools no-one – which leads onto our new guarantee –

To all clients – if the girl turns up looking nothing like her photos, you will get the booking for FREE!

That’s a valid claim that we’ve always made, but now if the applicants see it in black and white, maybe they’ll stop fucking about and send some proper photos over!


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