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Desperado Number Blocking

Desperado Number Blocking

We’ve had a couple of clients this week that made text message bookings, but made the mistake of trying elsewhere before getting our replies. Number blocking may well be your answer!

We have a couple of toggle panels on the HOMEPAGE that explain all about pushy sales techniques and cold-callers from less scrupulous providers than ourselves, so we would first suggest that you go and read those.

We would then suggest that if you MUST try a text message booking, give us at least fifteen minutes to reply as Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts gives priority to voice calls.

What we will NOT do however, is consistently bug you.

One of our girls met a client earlier this week that had fallen into the trap of sending a message to an agency that must be desperate for work, as by the time the booking had finished, he had 104 missed calls on his phone and several unanswered calls to his hotel room.

We would have tried maybe twice – and then moved on to the next client.

If you get plagued by this appalling behaviour, here come a couple of public service announcements that show you how to use number blocking to block those desperate agencies from calling you!


1) Blocking calls on an IPhone


2) Blocking calls on an Android

Finally, DO NOT tell any provider where you are unless you have sealed the booking.

That way, they cannot bug you in the hotel room either!

Happy (and safe) Bookings!

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