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Cut Price Maidens

Cut Price Maidens

Cut Price Maidens

Well it’s not a ‘cut price maidens’ pricing scale really, but we thought that something needed clarifying – (that and the excellent totty photo, NONE of whom work for Midlands Maidens but they are welcome to pop down for an interview).

So anyway, it’s quite obvious from each girl’s profile page that their ‘cut price Maidens’ rates are just £150 for the first hour for ALL appointments made between 10am to 10pm.

Those appointments made between 10pm to 10am incur the extra £10, none of which is given to the agency, and is designed as a bonus for night workers.

The profile pages will be getting updated later on today to make this a little clearer, but we are adding one further incentive to work unsociable hours at the weekend.

From today, ALL weekend appointments will be priced at £170 for Saturday and Sunday evenings between 10pm to 10am, and then £160 for weekend bookings between 10am to 10pm. Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts agency fees will remain the same throughout and again this is designed purely as an incentive for those prepared to work these hours.

The full pricing scales can now be found on the new Pricing Page.

So – we expect our inboxes to be flooded from those that are working at ‘less charitable’ agencies, who charge the client £140 and then snap off £50 of the price as an ‘agency fee’.

It really is no wonder that the poor girls at these agencies need to charge for ‘extras’, as coming out with £90 is poor recompense for the work they do.

Any girl wishing to fill in an application to join us can find the forms HERE and our regular clients will have no need to worry – we will still only accept the very best escorts with the very best attitudes and work ethics to ensure your repeat custom.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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