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The Boots Christmas Video – Our Official Favourite

This year we’ve decided to go with the Boots Christmas Video which is a mini-masterpiece of staging and acting by various actors throughout the years.

Boots Christmas Video 2017

The video starts off with an introductory of the main actors all meeting up at Dads house for Christmas.

We then get treated to various flashbacks of life how it was through childhood, teen years, getting married and back up to the present day, all cued in by the line ‘how did you know what I wanted?’

This is the original version of the video with no cuts or edits – it would appear that Boots in their own wisdom have created an edited version to explain a little more about what they’re actually selling but at the cost of killing the original soundtrack and wiping out many of the flashback scenes, so that they can promote their ‘Three For Two’ offer – which just commercialises what was otherwise probably the best Christmas Video out for this year.

See if you agree and let us know in the comments what YOUR favourite Christmas advert is!

Did you find a video that is no longer working?

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