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Mansfield Escorts Interviews 28th October

Day three of our travels saw us going off upĀ North to Mansfield, where we set up shop at The Snipe – a lovely pub/restaurant on the main A38 going into Mansfield town centre. We were optimistic again following two very successful days, but Angelina was lagging a little due to a late appointment so the lovely Jessica was recruited into the fray in our quest for Mansfield escorts at the last minute. Once again three applicants were expected to turn up, so after a quick dinner, we settled down to work.

Interview 1:
20yrs old
English blonde, 5’0″, size 4, 30B

It was hard not to become endeared to Tishia as soon as she walked in. Sometimes, you just know when someone is exactly right, and this was one of those occasions! Topping off the looks with intelligent conversation and questions, this was probably the best interview carried out in the last five years. Yes of course she was accepted, and we look forward immensely to working with her!


Interview 2:
40yrs old
Thai brunette, 5’0″, size 4-6, 30C

We find that our clients either love Thai girls, or they hate them. There is no middle ground. And for this reason, we always explain to any Thai applicant that their work may suffer due to the reputation that has been previously inferred upon them by less scrupulous Thai escorts. We were quite surprised when MimiĀ agreed with this completely, and wanted a chance to put the record straight! If only for her downright honesty and determination we were compelled to listen, and it was agreed upon the courtesy call that she would join Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts on a temporary part-time basis in order to gauge the amount of enquiries.

Interview 3:
35yrs old
English blonde

There’s always one! After an excellent week of interviews, Diana failed to show and her phone was off. A mental note was made to refuse her any further interviews unless she was willing to travel to Nottingham on the bus.

All in all then, a great success!

Ten scheduled interviews, six successful new staff members and one no-show.

All six new staff members should have their pages and profiles online by the weekend – we’re just waiting for their ‘selfie’ photos to be submitted and approved.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this insight into our interview process, and if you feel that YOU could make the grade, we’d love to meet you!

If you’re female, over 18 and can scrub up well, and you think that you could be a real asset to Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts and our clients, pop over to our JOIN US page and get in touch!



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