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  • You should send at least TWO photos of yourself, as these are required. Hey, you can send more if you want, up to a maximum of FIVE.



What Happens After I Apply?

If you are successful with your application for an escort job, we will be in touch within 24 hours - but usually far less than that.

The interview will be in three stages:

1) We will run any images that you send through Google Image search. This has become necessary due to some girls sending in professional modelling photos that are of some girl that has been starring in reality TV shows. Yes we know it's a rare occurrence, but it happens!

2) You will be called by phone to discuss your application further. This call will be from a WITH-HELD number for security reasons - the same reasons that our clients insist on - so that no-one knows that an escort agency has been in touch with you. We will try to contact you three times and if there is no reply, to continue your application you must phone us.

3) You will be invited down to an informal meeting where we will be able to see if you really are that fantasy girl! No, really - if you got through the first two segments, we just need to see that you don't blow it in a face to face situation. All meet-ups for escort jobs will be in a public place so that no casting-couch situations will arise, and it'll just be a case of a chat over a coffee or a beer. You should be smartly dressed and punctual, and after our presentation there will be plenty of time for you to ask any questions that we didn't touch on.

Good luck with your application and we'll look forward to meeting you soon!


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