End of Year Review

Midlands Maidens End of Year Revue


As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time for the annual Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts revue, where we note a few pertinent facts that happened throughout the past twelve months.

One of the main issues that we’ve noticed this year is a marked drop in class of both escort applicants, and clients. The standard has been on a slow decline for the past 3-4 years, but 2015 saw this trend pushed right to the forefront.

It is plainly obvious where this trend has come from – in the main, the genuine escort applicants, and the genuine clients, are the same as they ever were – that’s to say they are a pleasure to work with, a pleasure to meet, and a pleasure to work for. As any level one economics student will tell you, if you are portraying and selling a class product, then you will attract classy staff to work for you and a high standard of clients to use your service. Think of it as being a choice of using either ‘Harrods’ or ‘Poundland’.

Firmly entrenched in the ‘Poundland’ category, and through no fault of their own in many cases, are applicants and clients using ‘quick fix grab the cash and run’ providers, where they have had a modicum of success in bartering the prices down because the girls are cheapo slappers anyway, who don’t mind what they shag as long as they get a few quid to finance their next hit.

They wrongly presume that this tactic will work anywhere.

As we have already said, this is no fault of their own in many cases, as it has been suggested to them that they can negotiate a cheap shag – but it’s a whole new ball-game when they get tired of the perpetual poor service and crack-whore type staff, and try to move up the ladder by using a classy agency. This is where they run into a brick wall, as the last thing we need to rely on at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts is some out of his head piss artist and his mates, looking for an incall when the clubs have kicked out, and trying to barter a ‘value’ price.

It goes without saying that the staff at this type of low-class provider are not welcome to work at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, and so it all becomes a vicious circle – girls that will never be able to do this job properly whilst they have a hole in their arse, entertaining pissed up slobs who wouldn’t have a clue what a full service was if it ran over them in a lorry.

We have now noticed that the predictions of some of the girls at these low-class providers are beginning to come true. We knew all along though, that if a provider needs to change their name and knock up a new ‘agency’ every few weeks to try and hoodwink clients into using them again, then something is very wrong with their business acumen.

Anyway, enough of the sub-Poundland scene – we’ll get onto the class ‘Harrods’ concept!

Having ploughed through the usual humdrum below-par applicants for months as usual, October and November suddenly rocketed as we nearly tripled our staff list!

We changed the interview tack and arranged a full three days solely to meet new applicants, which paid huge dividends in introducing Josie, Megan, Tishia, Mimi, Miranda, Tanya, and a short while later, Christine, to our clients.

Our original concept still held true during this period though, regarding poor applicants not being invited to join us, and this was enforced as recently as yesterday (the 29th December) when we had an application from one of our ex-Maidens.

Ex-Maidens are ‘ex’ for a reason, and even though ‘Amber’ was never officially sacked, this was mainly due to her perceiving that the chop was imminent and offering her resignation. This was her second attempt to re-join us, but we will not entertain poor availability and client stealing issues. Now sporting blonde hair, watch out for her surfacing for a short while soon in some form or other!

We also changed the photo types, which has gone down incredibly well with our clients! All new girls now send a collection of ‘selfie’ shots, which we use in their profile pages. Clients are tending to appreciate this as an added touch of realism, blowing away the obviously faked photoshop images found elsewhere.

Next year sees Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts attaining a major landmark, in that we will be celebrating our tenth year of excellent service!

We’ve already dropped our first hour prices by ten pounds to celebrate this, and watch out for a few special promotions throughout the year too!

The whole ten year ride has been great fun, and we hope that we made a few people a little happier along the way!

Here’s to the NEXT ten years, and we look forward to adding many more escorting devotees to our client list.

It just remains now to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and many Happy Bookings!

See you in 2016!


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