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Derby Escorts Interviews 26th October

SIX New Maidens!

You know what they say – you wait for a bus for ages, then loads come all at once.

That was exactly the case this week, when after many unsuitable applicants were rejected week in, week out. This week we changed our interview tack slightly, and it paid dividends with brass clogs on!

The intended schedule was for four interviews in Derby on Monday, Three in Nottingham on Tuesday, then wrapping up with another three in Mansfield on Wednesday. So out of those ten meet-ups, we found SIX new staff members – not bad we think, and we hope that you like them as much as we did!

We have also decided to split this interview report into three blog posts, as there is more content than you can shake a big stick at!

Anyway, the votes are in – the selfies submitted – and here’s the lowdown on this weeks interviews, starting with Monday in our quest to find a couple of suitable Derby Escorts:

Monday 26th October.

We set our stall up at The Stuart, a nice little hotel/bar/restaurant just on the outskirts of Derby City Centre. We decided that with four applicants due to turn up that we’d try and limit the interviews to no more than 30mins each, rather than drag things out like we often do to over three hours in some cases!

Interview 1:
25yrs old
Polish brunette, 5’5″, size 8, 34C

Anya arrived slightly ahead of time, so that was a good start. It all went downhill from there though, as she didn’t quite grasp the concept of ‘all inclusive services’, insisting that in addition to the basic £160 fee, she should be able to add charges for ‘extras’. She wasn’t bad looking, but we couldn’t trust that she wouldn’t rip off our clients. We thought we’d let her join a less scrupulous agency and bid her good-day.

Interview 2:
27yrs old
Romanian blonde, 5’7″, size 10, 32D

We’d hardly had time to say goodbye to Anya when Katrina turned up. It was a little obvious that they knew each other from the coy glances that they were giving each other, so we had a feeling we knew how this was going to go. Sure enough, the misgivings about ‘all inclusive prices’ surfaced again, and Katrina was rejected for exactly the same reason as her friend.

Interview 3:
25yrs old
English blonde, 5’6″, size 8, 32B

Josie was like a breath of fresh air! Brand new to the industry, she listened to our presentation and asked some very knowledgeable questions. It’s always nice when a new girl turns up with no inherited bad habits from other sources, and it was the easiest decision of the day to phone her up later and offer her a position at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts.

Interview 4:
32yrs old
Spanish brunette, 5’7″, size 6-8, 34C

Megan announced that she had worked as an independent girl before, but was fed up of timewasters and sex-chatting customers and wanted to try an agency instead. Hardly an ideal confession to place on the table at an MMs interview, but she composed herself well after that, and convinced us to give her a trial period.

And with that, we decided to head off home – very satisfied that we had recruited two new staf members, and waited for their selfie shots to come through.

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