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About us

Having one of the most recognisable brand names, it's only right that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort agency is an establishment that many have tried to copy, but all attempts to do so have failed. We pride ourselves on having the smallest turnover of staff in the East Midlands, due mainly to our stringent application process - and yet we are the easiest agency to work for and to make bookings through.

This is why many girls that have been blown out at other agencies have no chance whatsoever in working for us, and it is a main factor in the aforementioned smallest staff turnover claim - in fact the rarest thing you'll find is an ex-Midlands Maiden working elsewhere as no other agency can come close to our fringe benefits.

We see it that any customer deserves a fair crack of the whip - let's face it, wouldn't you want a half-decent service for a three figure fee? So we are completely transparent with our escorts' services. On no other website will you find a full list of services alongside each girl so that you can pick and choose before even thinking of contacting us. Surprise surprise, not all of our girls are bisexual lesbians who love it up the arse, so we wouldn't even think of sending a girl over to you if the services didn't match your wants.

We also insist on the girl herself giving you a phone call prior to coming over - partly as an ice-breaker, and partly to discuss any required services. This way will guarantee that the services you saw on the website are indeed acceptable to the girl.

Payment in most cases is by cash, but we have had internet bank transfers and credit cards moving more to the front just lately. If in any doubt just ask when you call the office and you'll find that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escort agency can take most types of payment.

We hope that this page has been enlightening to you, and all the girls wish you Happy Bookings!


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